How to align to inner peace amid massive change and the simple 4-part way of being I used to manifest my dream company, dream relationship, and dream home.

There are so many things we aren't told about entrepreneurship, life, and the law of attraction.

I've said many times that I'm often asked "How did you do it?" when the real question is, "Who did you have to become?"

In this ebook, I share the way of being I've used (knowingly and unknowingly) to fast track my evolution and stay grounded throughout that rapid change.

What you'll get:

✔️The 4-part way of being that you can apply minute-by-minute and to the big picture of your life

✔️Journaling exercises for you to apply to your unique situation

✔️Stories from my own unfolding so that you can see how this process plays out in the real world

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What people are saying:

My favorite thing about Stefanie is that she realizes that part of claiming our power is learning to own our voices and the emotional work inherent in that task. She knows at an elemental level that it’s a journey. She supports us as we move through this scary – no, terrifying – process and provides strategies and actions that magically move us through the work. - Becky

What an amazing book - I love it! I've already recommended it to others and I hope they purchase it too. - Brittany

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Embrace the Unexpected Ebook
Embrace the Unexpected Ebook