Reveal Your Voice

Group Coaching



Meet Tracy.

"My business has vaulted forward and grown more than it has in the last three years!"

"Over the past 3 years, I’ve invested thousands on programs and coaching, but none of them have provided the step by step process and quality of content like Reveal Your Voice has.

The value I have received far exceeds not only my past experiences, but my expectations when I first signed up. Stefanie speaks to everything I have been struggling with in my business: clarity of my message, content creation and next steps to get it out to the women who are waiting for my help/message. Her coaching and business expertise is offered in a way that I know she has walked in the shoes I've been clomping around in. 

When I share with her my challenges around getting my voice and program 'out there',  I am blown away by the precision in which Stefanie's intuition nails the solution I need. "


Up-leveling her offerings, increasing her prices, and aligning her message allowed this former CFO to realize the business she'd been working years to create within a few short months of coaching with Stefanie.

Meet Bethany.

"I'm running a program that is so me I cannot believe it."

"Reveal Your Voice has catapulted me forward to a place I know for certain I would not be if not for this program.   I've spent thousands on other programs and other coaching, the big difference is those programs wanted to find the quickest thing that fit just well enough to get started and then get me scheduling time with clients to sell, sell, sell.  I struggled to find authenticity, I struggled to find my niche, I struggled to find my voice.  Stefanie allowed me room to find my voice, and now I'm running a program that is so me I cannot believe it.  

Every time I ended a disappointing program I was sick at how much I had spent and convinced myself that I could go it alone and save the money.  I'd start down a path and months would go by while I tried to figure something out or learn enough to move forward on my own.  I have gotten further with Reveal Your Voice (and made more money) in the last 3.5 months than in the previous 7 years combined!  All while having much more fun!"

How Does It Work?

Enjoy 4 weeks of intimate weekly group mastermind with other high-level coaching clients happening every Tuesday at 5pm EST.

On our calls, receive training from Stefanie on public speaking, messaging, hosting events, growing communities, and revealing your voice.

Then, experience a powerful group mastermind discussion which places you in the hot-seat for personalized feedback and insights.

Plus, receive lifetime access to the entire WOE Teachable library of trainings and conferences (value $1250).

Join the program that has many saying, "This is the best coaching program I've ever experienced!"

Investment is $1,000. Act now before this offer goes away.

Meet Gabrielle

"The confidence I needed to execute a flawless and profitable conference for 150 attendees..."

"Working with Stefanie taught me more than I could have imagined. She taught me how to market my event and to really determine my target market, my why, and who I am trying to get to my event. All of the elements gave me the confidence I needed to execute a flawless event for 150 attendees. I am now on my third event and each one has grown exponentially."

- Gabrielle D'auria, Community builder and Founder of the Wellscene ATL conference

Meet Anna

"$75,000 of growth in the past year for our business..."

"What Stefanie worked with me on goes WAY beyond finding fulfillment in my career and growing my email list….it has translated to over $75,000 of growth in the past year for our business, with the potential for so much more in the year to come.  If you’re feeling stuck in your life or business, or just unsure of where you should go next or overwhelmed with what projects to tackle next, Stefanie is the one you need to call. She obviously cares just as much about our business as I do, and she puts every ounce of passion and experience that she has into helping you grow."

- Anna Gordon, Ex-Black Hawk helicopter pilot and nuclear engineer turned online business builder